Blood Bowl

I am SO excited about this, this is very cool.  The game that never died, on the eve of a new edition, brought to you by Foodhammer and Thunderbowl!

A list of participants can be found here

The rules for the event can be found here

Foodhammer Mega Bowl Blood Bowl Tournament: Thunderkrunch VII

Sunday, November 27th, 2016

Fraternal Order of Eagles, 170 3rd St W, North Vancouver, BC V7M 1E8


Registration: 9:30am - 10:00am
Game 1: 10:00 am - 12:30pm
Lunch: 12:30pm - 1:15pm
Game 2: 1:15pm - 3:45pm

Game 3: 4:00pm - 6:30pm

3 games of Mega bowl (two games of seven aside blood bowl being played at the same time on a special pitch - rules will be  provided) Swiss parings per table. Ties in game, resolved by SPP gained in game, if still tied roll off!.  Points are as follows:
First 10 points. 
Second 7 points.  
Third 3 points. 
Fourth 1 point 
+1 point for every casualty caused (caused by chainsaw, stab, bombadiers, blocks, fouls, and crowd pushes).  

Table seating arrangements will be explained at the event, simply put, however, 1 plays 2, 3 plays 4.  2.5 minute timed turns strictly adhered to will ensure the day will not be longer than a regular 4 game tournament.

We will be using the CRP rules along with the 3 additional BBRC approved teams. Top table will roll weather for all. Resurrection style tournament - all injuries and deaths and teams will be reset after each game.

Food situation TBA. There is a full bar in the Eagles, which should open from noon until close. 

Schedule TBA, as we confirm the time the club is opening. Expect a ten-hour gaming day.

Coaches will have 1,250,000 gold crowns with which to build a  team. Each coach must purchase a minimum of 11 players (including star players). You may also purchase re-rolls, fan factor, assistant coaches, cheerleaders and apothecaries. No skills or stat increases of any kind may be purchased. Apothecaries work as described in CRP/LRB6.0 rules and may not be used on Star Players.

May be purchased out of your starting gold with the exception of wizards. NO WIZARDS!  Star players are welcome! No bribes may be purchased, because there’s no ref!

Halfling teams may purchase a Halfling Master Chef, all as per standard CRP/LRB6.0 rules.

Standard skill pack will be available to every team. 6 regular skills or 4 regular skills and 1 double or 2 regular skills and 2 doubles or 3 doubles. No skill may be taken more than twice on each team. No more than one skill may be assigned per player.

The following awards are available to be won. A maximum of one performance and or hobby award can be won by any coach. 

Performance Awards:
1st Place: Awarded to the coach with the most tournament points.
2nd Place: Awarded to the coach with the second most tournament points.
3rd Place: Awarded to the coach with the third most tournament points.
Stunty Champion: Awarded to the coach with the most tournament points playing a Stunty team. (Halflings, goblins, Ogre, lizardmen with no saurus, under world with no skaven)
Most Touchdowns: Awarded to the coach who scored the most touchdowns.
Most Casualties: Awarded to the coach who accumulated the most casualties from blocking, fouling and or crowd pushes.
Wooden Spoon: Awarded to the coach with the lowest number of tournament points.

Hobby Awards:
Best Team: Awarded to the coach whose team earned the most votes (T.O. will be tie breaking vote if required)
PACNW Attitude: Awarded to the coach with the highest amount of sportsmanship points.

Register at

Prior to the tournament, send an email to with your name, the race you are playing, and attaching your roster spreadsheet. 

Registration in person day of the tournament is allowed. Any lists not submitted ahead of time will be verified during the tournament. Any roster issues will be addressed by removing a random player from the pitch (the roster can be corrected for the next drive). 

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