Warhammer 40K

Warhammer 40,000 will be held on Saturday November 26th

Fraternal Order of Eagles, 170 3rd St W, North Vancouver, BC V7M 1E8

Participants list is here!

Order of business

Registration is at 9.30

Game 1 is 10:00 sharp until 12:30
Lunch is one hour
Game 2 is 1:30 sharp until 4:00
half hour break - go get a Snickers because you're not you when you're hungry
Game three is 4:30 sharp and goes until 7pm
Prizes and awards at 7:30 or earlier if I can get it done! 

It was a BLAAAAST last year.  Let's do it again! Let's play 40K 95% out of the box this year with Battleforged lists. TWO THOUSAND POINTS, No ITC, no limitations on what you can and cannot take.  I'm tired of trying to shape events to make them fair - we're all big boys who know when and when not to bring filthy broken lists to fun charity events.  The ONLY caveats I have are 

  • no unbound lists
  • no Mighty Bulwarks from Stronghold Assault as they're a pain to deploy 
  • No use of Death From The Skies rules as the additional phase lengthens the game. 
  • a limit of ONE superheavy or gargantuan creature as a Lord of War.
  • PAINTING - THREE COLOUR MINIMUM. Wash is not a colour.

Yes, that means you can bring an army made completely of Knights if you like - I'll make you do Rock'em Sock'em Robots with the other all Knight list - but be forewarned that it will be three maelstrom games, randomly rolled from the book at the start of each round.  

Just please - NO unbound lists. Those are for the garage, imho.

Forgeworld recently said that the "experimental" rules on their site are "experimental" because there isn't a book to put them in yet.  The label just seems to be there to confuse people. So if you have a unit that has "experimental" rules, go nuts - use it!

You need to read this. I am allowing EITHER the Maelstrom Of War cards or the Supremacy Tactical Objective Cards.  You can bring ONE of the two decks. If you bring the Supremacy cards you cannot use your faction specific cards, m'kay?  The Supremacy cards are worth more points but harder to achieve. Risk vs Reward. If you bring both decks I'll make you choose one and leave the other with me. Don't be naughty!

So bring your best all-round maelstrom army list at TWO THOUSAND POINTS.  I will not allow tabling your opponent to be an auto-win.  If you table your opponent you will get two bonus Victory Points, and to make things easy - where it says "Score d3 for (x)" on your card, make that a straight two points for (x)

When you write your lists, please make sure that all wargear and points values are present, and that you place units in their formations and detachments as you format your list.  This helps your opponent understand the list too. 
Army lists are due by November 12th in PDF format (please don't send your Battlescribe or Army Builder files), so we can check for cheese and filth, and give you time to rewrite if need be. I absolutely will send back ridiculous lists like 13 drop pods. This is a friendly social event with a LITTLE competition - not the NOVA open or Adepticon Championships so the focus is on making sure that you AND your opponents enjoy every game. 
Please send your army lists to foodhammer@gmail.com

On the day, you will need:

Army lists - enough for you, me and your opponents

Dice, measuring device, templates
Rulebooks - you need to have the books, or your iPad version.
A PEN! You'd be surprised lol

You MUST HAVE ALL 36 MAELSTROM CARDS! It's stupid but there have been people around the world playing with short decks and decks with substituted cards (removing card x and replacing it with another of card y).  If I find anyone with a short or doctored deck they will be asked to leave.  
We'll play gentleman's rules - if you draw a card you can not possibly use because your army list or your opponent's does not feature psykers, or it's a mysterious objective card or whatever, discard and redraw. 

We'll have awards for 
Best Overall
Best General
Favourite Opponent
Favourite Army

Any questions, just hit me up at the email address there! :)


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