X Wing

The X-Wing tournament will take place on Sunday November 27th at Fraternal Order of Eagles. Map below!

FoodHammer X-Wing Tournament - November 27, 2016

A list of participants can be found here Ever wonder what would happen if everyone just got along in a Galaxy far far away? If Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker put their differences aside and worked together? If peace broke out? It’s still called Star Wars, so maybe we’ll forget that last one. This year we’ll find out while raising money for a good cause. This year’s tournament will be played with no faction restrictions. You can mix and match pilots from any faction, and put crew and upgrade cards on any ship that can take them, ignoring any faction requirements. All cards will be considered unique, so you’ll only be able to field one copy in your squads. You’ll have 101 squad points to fit all your shenanigans in. While all faction restrictions are ignored, ship restrictions will still be enforced, so title cards can only be equipped to the appropriate ships, and base-size requirements still need to be followed. In addition to the relaxes squad building rules, players will also be allowed to purchase tickets for special game effects such as re-rolls and a few new surprises for this year, including receiving assistance from special guests on the battlefield. Stay tuned for a complete list of perks.


11:00-11:45 Registration
11:45-12:00 Briefing
12:00-1:15 Game 1 (75 mins)
1:15-1:25 Break/matchups
1:25-2:50 Game 2 (75 mins)
2:50-3:00 Break/matchups
3:00-4:15 Game 3 (75 mins)
4:15-4:25 Break/matchups
4:25-5:50 Game 4 (75 mins)
5:50-6:30 Final Standings, awards and prizes

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